Housing program helps AZ home buyers with down payment

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There are a lot of people across Arizona with good jobs and good credit, but they can't afford the down payment on a new home. 

Now there's a new program designed specifically to help those home buyers out.

It's called the Home Plus Home Loan Program, and it's being sponsored by the Arizona Housing Finance Authority.

Dirk Swift is the program director with the Arizona Housing Finance Authority.

Swift said the Home Plus program is set up to give hard working Arizonans the financial boost they need to become homeowners.

"The majority have an income, have a steady job, and they have good credit," Swift said."They either can't come up with the money, or don't have enough money to come up with a down payment."

The Home Plus program will provide a grant of 4 percent of the loan amount - to help buyers with the down payment.

Qualifying U.S. military members get 5 percent.

Derrell and Leigh Anne Brown, of Maricopa, are among 300 home buyers, who recently took advantage of the Home Plus program.

The Browns are like a lot of Arizonans who took a hit during the housing crash with either a short sale or foreclosure.

They had trouble fixing their credit and saving enough money to buy a home.

"It's better to pay my mortgage than someone else's, but I didn't think I could do it," Derrell Brown said.

The Browns received more than $5,300 towards the down payment of a house they just bought in Maricopa.

They're planning to move in next week.

"We could not have closed on this house without the home loan assistance," Leigh Anne Brown said.

To be eligible for the Home Plus program: 

  • Home sale price must be less than $353,000.
  • Applicants must have an income less than $83,000.
  • Must have good credit.
  • Take a pre-purchase home-buying class.

For more information on the Home Plus Home Loan Program visit: https://housing.az.gov/finance-authority/home-plus