Local app developers remove 'I don't have cash' excuse for tipping

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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

It happens all the time - you want to tip for good service, but don't have any cash. A Phoenix couple figured out a way to help hardworking people making a living off those tips.

"You could have three, four cars backed up and people coming out and if you can remember who they are you can get a better tip a lot of times," said Corey Ferguson, who spends long hours on his feet as a valet in Phoenix.

He said he's bummed when he misses out on a tip because people don't carry cash.

"You feel bad, some people are embarrassed it is nice to have a way to use your credit card because that's the way things are going these days," Ferguson said.

He is talking about Bravo, an app developed by two Phoenicians who say there's no excuse anymore not to leave a tip. People can find their service professionals on the app either through GPS or their unique code; they then pay a 2 percent transaction fee, which is ten cents for a $5 tip. The money goes into the designated person's bank account.

"I know how much money I've made, who's done it, people can give me a rating on my service," Ferguson said.

"We're able to concentrate on the service component and the safety component and not doing an exchange," said Integrity Valet owner Ryan Rabish. 

He said he's happy to see his staff getting the money they've earned.

"They are definitely able to capture, I think more tips in the end," Rabish said.

"If you have to take money out of your pocket to pay, you think twice," said co-creator Maria Luna. "Psychologically, when people pay with a digital form, they tend to be more generous."

Luna said they are using secure technology, and want hardworking people to benefit from technology - not get ripped off by it.

"I like the hard work, I like going home tired, I worked hard, I made the money I deserved," Ferguson said.