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3OYS: Sun City woman upset with ink company over $103 bill


Phyllis King is a retired Sun City resident who finds herself on the computer all the time.

"I'm on it every day," she said. "Usually, it's just emails. A lot of times, it's doing research on different things."

And when it comes time to print something, King says it doesn't take much to use up a lot of her ink. That was certainly the case during the holidays, when she wrote and printed up Christmas letters for family and friends.

"Normally, I go to a local cartridge place, but I started having trouble with their cartridges," she said. "So, I decided to go online and get from this company because I had seen their ads several times and the price was good. It was less than what I had been paying."

The website she's talking about is called ClickInks.com. After reviewing the site, King says she ordered a set of five black and color cartridges for around $93. She paid for the order using her PayPal account, but she wasn't quite sure the transaction was completed.

"I never got a confirmation, so I didn't think that the order went through," she said. "So, I sent another order 10 days later."

That second order went through successfully and apparently the first one did as well. Not wanting $200 in ink cartridges though, King canceled one of the orders. However, she was still billed around $100 for the order she canceled.

"I got a bill for both orders, and I waited for a credit to come through since I had canceled. And it didn't come, so I started calling," she said.

Being retired, King says she's on a budget and can't afford $200 in ink. So, she keeps calling ClickInks.com to get money back for the canceled order.

"I have been calling regularly -- eleven times since December," she said.

Finally, King says she reached someone at ClickInks.com who agreed to refund her money.

"They said, 'Well, it's too late to go back through PayPal, so we have to just send you a check.' And I said, 'That's fine, as long as I get my refund,' " King recalled.

But King says her $103 refund never came. 3 On Your Side emailed ClickInks.com, and they agreed to look into the matter. But they never got back with us again. And when 3 On Your Side calls ClickInks.com, we never get a live person.

"Our representatives are still assisting other callers," the automated response says. "Your call is very important to us, and we appreciate your patience."

King says that's pretty typical.

"I called, and they said it would be a 71-minute wait time," she said. "And I'm not going to sit here for 71 minutes waiting so that I can get nowhere again."

ClickInks.com is based out of Florida. 3 On Your Side has left voice mails, emailed them and even faxed them. They keep telling us someone from the company will be in contact with us, but no one ever calls. Maybe once they see this story, they'll contact us.

In the meantime, King is out $103.50.

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