Caught on camera: Bobcat catches shark out of the water

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By Ross Palombo, WPBF

A bobcat's wild catch is caught on camera.

John Bailey was just walking along the beach when he saw the bobcat watching a shark swim in the shallow water.

"It looked initially like it was going for fish, but it was a shark," Bailey said.

It all happened at Sebastian Inlet State Park in Vero Beach. Bailey was on vacation relaxing but was instantly riled over this.

"I was so fascinated, I didn't think about being in danger," said Bailey.

As for himself, he was far enough away to take the photo safely.

"It (the bobcat) actually noticed me and ran the other way."

And as for the shark, it may have thought it was "safe to go into this water," at least until this moment.

Hard to know who was more shocked: Bailey or the bobcat.

As soon as the bobcat saw Bailey, it actually dropped the shark and ran.