Kick unhealthy cravings with alternative supplements

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From smoking cigarettes to eating chocolate, unhealthy cravings are hard to kick. Dr. Robb Bird of the TransformYou Weight Loss Clinic in Tempe shared some alternatives and advice for what to eat to avoid these cravings.

Trying to kick smoking in the butt? Believe it or not, your body wants a silicon fill-up when it's craving that nicotine. Curb the carbs and reach for nuts and seeds to satisfy the craving.

Get to the root of pre-menstrual cravings with root vegetables such as beets, parsnips, fennel and jicama. Root vegetables can help your body replenish zinc.

If you crave chocolate, it is your body asking for more magnesium. Combat this craving by chopping up some raw nuts, berries and a little bit of organic dark chocolate which is high in flavonoids.

If can't stop craving chips or other salty foods, it is because of their chloride. Mix up some mackerel or sardines with olives and tomatoes to kick up your chloride intake without so much salt.

Believe it or not, if you crave soda, you could be calcium deficient. Instead of reaching for the pop, make a salad with high calcium watercress greens, bok choy, mozzarella cheese (one of the highest calcium rich cheeses) and sesame seeds.

If you just cannot pass on the bread, your body could be gasping and asking for nitrogen. Opt for surf and turf instead. Both fish and red meat such as salmon and steak are high in nitrogen.