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3OYS Update: Paddock Pools finally finishes job

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Phoenix resident Nola Yergen tells 3 On Your Side that she's now feeling a lot better. Her sparkling swimming pool is finally back up and running after a six-month battle with Paddock Pools.

"It's been extremely disappointing,” Yergen said. “I thought that going with a company that had a big name like Paddock would ensure that I would have my work done in a reasonable amount of time, that they would be consistent, that they had policies that they would communicate with me, and that they had things set in place. But apparently they didn't."

Yergen hired Paddock Pools back in October to remodel her swimming pool, paying the company more than $15,000 in advance.

Paddock eventually handed the job off to its sister company, Cameo Pools. However, fast forward six months, and Yergen's pool was not done.

"I want them to finish my pool, or give me my money back so that I can go and get my pool done from somewhere else,” Yergen said.

3 On Your Side got involved, asking Paddock Pools why it would take half a year to remodel a swimming pool.

Paddock said its crews were just busy, but after the 3OYS team asked the company to pick up the pace and get it done, Paddock did.

Paddock dedicated work crews to Yergen's project and finally finished her job.

"Well, we contacted you guys, and once you all talked to them, they came out,” Yergen explained. “I guess it was three days after you ran the story.”

Yergen said she's glad to finally have her pool back, and that she expected Paddock would still be dragging out her project if 3 On Your Side did not get involved.

"Beforehand, it was frustration and non-returned phone calls,” Yergen said. “After, they were calling me and getting the job done.”

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