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3OYS: Cosmetic facility abruptly closes, leaving questions for consumers

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The name of the company is called Lifestyle Lift. They have 50 offices around the nation including right here in Phoenix, but consumers who may have given the company money and scheduled an appointment are getting some bad news.

"This is Cora from City Wide Insurance.” Cora Vontobel works in the insurance industry and deals with customers all the time. So image, she says, is important when meeting face-to-face with clients. "Absolutely. I'm an insurance agent, so it's important when I meet with customers, especially commercial clients, that I look nice."

That's exactly why Cora wanted to get a face lift. Doing so, she believed, would help her look and feel better about herself. 

“My skin is starting to sag a little bit around the mandible here, so I just wanted a little bit [of] tightening here and a little bit of tightening here,” she said, speaking of the skin on her lower face and neck.

And Cora decided take the plunge when she saw a TV commercial advertising a company called Lifestyle Lift. “Nearly 200,000 people have already experienced the lifesaving transformation of a Lifestyle Lift.”

Cora signed an agreement with Lifestyle Lift that indicated she was getting a face lift for around $4,987. She even put down a $400 deposit to lock in the price and lock in a June date for the surgery. However, after paying that $400, she says she can't reach anyone lately at Lifestyle Lift. "$400 absolutely means a lot," she says. "I work hard for my money and I'm certainly not willing to give it away if I can avoid it."

3 On Your Side got involved and discovered Lifestyle Lift's website was taken down, and the site says it's under renovation. So, I went to their office in downtown Phoenix but there was a note saying Lifestyle Lift was no longer around, and the office was completely dark. According to the Better Business Bureau, Lifestyle Lift is, in fact, closed, and there's information that it won't be reopening at all. 

Cora says that's horrible news because she works hard, and losing $400 for nothing hurts.

She also knows she's not the only one out money. "With all of these commercials, and the affordable prices that they have and the simplicity of the procedure, I am sure there are many women and men out there who are in the same position that I am."

As it turns out Lifestyle Lift has filed for bankruptcy. If you're like Cora and you think you're owed money, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, because they'll be in contact with the bankruptcy court to help facilitate any refunds if there are any.

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