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Valley contractor completes job, gets cheated out of pay

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Rosie Galope, who owes a contractor money,  tried to dodge 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper. (Source: 3TV) Rosie Galope, who owes a contractor money, tried to dodge 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper. (Source: 3TV)

Rosie Galope might be speeding off after trying to dodge 3 On Your Side reporter Gary Harper's questions, but Harper's not the only one she's running from.

Johnny Carroll says she's been avoiding him for more than a month.

"And then it's continuing, and she said, 'I'll pay you when I feel like paying you,'” Carroll explained. “And I said, 'Rosie, you signed a contract.' And she said, 'Well, I didn't promise you nothing.'"

Carroll is a licensed contractor who owns a small fencing company.

He said Galope hired him to tear down and haul away a cinder block wall that used to run along the perimeter of this business complex that she owned.

“It started from right here and continued all the way north to that far wall, which is about 430 feet,” Carroll explained.

According to the contract that Galope signed, she was supposed to pay Carroll $2,100 for the job. The contract clearly states payment is due, "immediately upon completion."

Carroll said he didn't require any money up front, and he completed the job in mid-February.

However, now it's April, and Carroll said he can't get Galope to pay him.

"I just don't like to be taken advantage of,” Carroll explained. “In this case, she flat out lied to me, and she took advantage of me and it's not right."

Harper contacted Galope on the phone, and she responded with several different stories on why she hasn't paid. The excuses didn't add up.

As it turns out, Galope has a habit of not paying people. In fact, 3 On Your Side discovered she's been taken to court numerous times for stiffing people.

So, Harper gave Galope one more week to come up with the money she owes. When she didn't, he dropped by.

"Hi Rosie, how are you doing?” Harper asked. “Gary Harper from Channel 3. How are you doing?”

"Fine," Galope replied.

“Are you going to pay Johnny for the fencing?” Harper asked.

"You need to get off the property,” Galope responded.

"Well you need to pay the man the money,” Harper said. "Do you like not paying people? You take, but you don't pay.”

Humiliated, and probably embarrassed, Galope couldn't wait to get in the car.

Carroll said you can add him to the list of people filing lawsuits against Galope. Carroll told 3 On Your Side he will sue her for the $2,100 she owes him, and that he probably won't be the last.

"At least it will be known the type of person that she is,” Carroll said.

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