Wallace and Ladmo Foundation supports Valley kids, performing arts

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Nearly 25 years after the comedy trio went off the air, the Wallace and Ladmo Foundation is making moves to support local children and the performing arts.

The Wallace and Ladmo Foundation will offer financial support, exposure and recognition to Arizona kids interested in careers in the performing arts. The organization is part of the Arizona Community Foundation.

"The foundation is going to promote Arizona kids in the performing arts, both in front and behind the camera," Pat's wife and board member Duffy McMahon said. "Any type of performing arts, whether it's doing scenery, doing choreography, dance, music, whatever it happens to be, because it's going so much out of our schools these days. We want little Wallace's, little Pat's, and little Ladmo's to do whatever they want in the way of the arts."

Viewers cherished the comedy of Bill "Wallace" Thompson, Ladimir "Ladmo" Kwiatkowski and Pat McMahon as Gerald for 36 years. To honor the show's legacy, the Wallace and Ladmo Foundation commissioned Arizona native and sculptor Neil Logan to create a sculpture of Wallace, Ladmo and Gerald to be placed at the Herberger Theater as a gift.

"I think the biggest reason it lasted for 36 years and 10,000 shows is because it was funny," Pat McMahon said. "Nobody talked down to kids, in fact Steven Spielberg said in his biography that the reason he loved it so much is because he never felt that is was grownups talking down to him. It was a comedy show for kids, and mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa too."

The Wallace and Ladmo Foundation, in association with the Arizona Community Foundation's 501(c)3 status, will accept individual support from fans of the show through a crowd-funding link available through WallaceAndLadmoFoundation.org.

For more information about the Wallace and Ladmo Foundation, visit www.WallaceAndLadmoFoundation.org, www.facebook.com/TheWallaceAndLadmoFoundation or call 602-525-0527.

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