Man known for random acts of kindness has brain tumor

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A week ago, Wayne Bristow was a healthy sales representative who spent his free time doing random acts of kindness, like bringing a homeless person a pizza.

He posted videos of his good deeds on his Random Acts of Kindness Facebook page, hoping others would follow his lead.

But on Thursday, he found out he has a brain tumor the size of an orange. And his friends say now is the time to return some of all that kindness.

Last Friday, Bristow had a seizure while doing a random act of kindness at a Monster Truck event in Las Vegas. He was handing out cold water to the people working in the parking lot in the heat. And that is how doctors found his tumor.

He is scared, not just for himself, but for his wife and two children, who are 4 years old and 5 months old.

"I was just devastated," Bristow said. "I don't know what to think. My head's all fuzzy, and it just makes me sick to my stomach not knowing what is going to happen."

But now, with a six-hour brain surgery on Monday, his friends are taking his message and hoping others will give back to him with well wishes and donations on a GoFundMe page.

Bristow's lifelong friend, Tiffany Hall-Scarmana said, "He would take every single ounce of his extra time to give to others, and now I am asking all of those people out there to kind of turn it onto him."

Bristow will find out on Monday if that tumor is cancerous.

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