Interrogation video shows witness changed story about police-involved shooting

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Newly released interrogation video paints a much different picture of what a witness is claiming today, four months after his friend was shot and killed by a Phoenix police officer. 

Just hours after Brandon Dickerson's friend was shot and killed by Phoenix Police Officer Mark Rine, Dickerson sat with an interrogator for hours and was asked to describe what he witnessed that December night.

He described what he heard after a struggle between Rine and his friend Rumain Brisbon.

"(Rine) came out, his face was flushed, and he beat on the wall," Dickerson said. "And he was screaming, like, he was screaming in the apartment, like, '(Expletive) help me,' and he came out and he said, 'I asked him not to (expletive) move!' "

But that account is drastically different from what Dickerson maintained Thursday, as he sat with civil rights activist Rev. Jarrett Maupin.

"The quote on me hearing officers screaming for help, none of that happened," Dickerson said. He maintained he never said that about the officer calling for help. 

Dickerson and Maupin called a news conference just a day after prosecutors ruled that Rine was justified in using deadly force against Brisbon during what authorities described as a struggle.

"Look, he shot the man in the back at almost point-blank range," Maupin said. "Why was this information, if it is so clear cut, not presented to a grand jury?" 

According to the police report, which more than 200 pages, Dickerson was in the passenger seat of Brisbon's SUV that night while Brisbon was bringing food to his kids in an apartment. Dickerson said he heard commotion and a "pop" but didn't actually witness the shooting.

The report goes on to say that multiple witnesses claimed Brisbon didn't listen to Rine's repeated commands to stop, and that he tried to run before they got into a scuffle. The report indicates that Rine thought he was gripping a gun which turned out to be a pill bottle.

During Thursday's news conference, Dickerson also denied ever saying Brisbon was a drug dealer, but police say the tapes don't lie.

"Is it possible he was selling drugs on the side?" asked the interrogator.

"I'm sure he was. I just don't know exactly what it was," Dickerson replied. 

Maupin and Dickerson say justice won't be served until there is an independent, unbiased investigation.

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