Unique Gaming for All Ages By Krissy Lenz

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Unique Gaming for All Ages

The standard board games every family has are great, but there are fun alternatives for all ages. Try these unique options for your next game night!

For younger kids, Crazy Legs gets players UP and MOVING. Each game space represents a physical challenge, including yoga and simple exercises. Movement keeps the game engaging and encourages exercise.

$15- 20 4+    2-4 Players    20m

Kids can practice math and memory skills playing Monkeys Up. Players compete to get the best score by flipping, switching, and stealing monkeys. Players use memory skills to steal the best monkeys and add up their score to see who wins. 

$15-$20     6+     2-5 players     20m 

Googly Eyes is like Pictionary, with a twist! Players drawing clues wear vision-altering glasses with three sets of lenses that range from easy to difficult. 

$20    6+     4-16 players    45m

In King of Tokyo players are monsters, robots, and strange aliens – all trying to defeat each other and destroy Tokyo. Strategize in order to win points, restore health, or attack other players. In order to win the game, one must either destroy Tokyo, or be the only surviving monster. 

$30 Amazon 8+   2-6 players     30m

This game offers expansion packs as well as Halloween and New York editions to keep the fun fresh. 

Love word games and puns? You'll love Oddly Obvious. This game is unique because the cards GIVE you the ANSWERS, if you are clever enough to figure it out!  It is also a really easy game to modify and create your own “house rules.” 

$15-25 12+    3-10 players, one player is the Host    20-30m

For adults, play Settlers of Catan. Using clever trading, strategy, and luck, players try to be the dominant force on the island of Catan. Your island produces resources, you gather these resources to build up your civilizations and win the game. 

$40    10+     3–4 players   *Extension packs to include more players available     45–90 min.    Catan also comes in Family Edition, a simpler Kids of Catan, Star Trek, Sea Farers editions.

Get a group of grown up gamer friends together and play Pandemic, a cooperative game where players all win or lose together. The game set up is that several diseases have broken out across the globe and players must work together to find cures. If the diseases spread, the players all lose. If your group of friends cure the diseases, you all win! 

$30    13+    2-4 players     45m  

My favorite game for an adult gaming night is the card game BANG! Created in the style of an old timey western each player is randomly given a secret Role card to determine their goal. The Sheriff tries to keep the peace, the Deputies aid the sheriff, the Outlaws try to kill the Sheriff and the Renegade seeks to be the last player standing.

10+    4-7 players, better with more players     20-40m   

With these suggestions we hope you will get out there and get gaming with friends and family.