White Teeth Cheats By Kinsey Schofield

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Whiter Teeth CHEATS

By Kinsey Schofield

A Blue-Red matte lipstick makes your teeth appear whiter. Lipsticks formulated with a blue base will help cancel out any orange or yellow tones on your teeth.

Avoid orange lipsticks all together because it's too close to "yellow" on the color chart and will make your teeth appear yellow over white.

Pile on the bronzer or get a spray tan. This not only makes your teeth appear whiter but it brightens up your eye balls!

Drink coffee, soda, & red wine through a straw. It prevents further damage.

When ordering for dinner, know that if it would stain your white t-shirt, it will stain your teeth. That's soy sauce, beets - you don't always have to avoid these foods but if you're getting ready for your wedding or you're having photos taken  - be thoughtful. 

Wear off white jewelry around your face. Off white jewelry makes your teeth pop and appear whiter.

Avoid white hats, or white tees without prints. We will automatically compare your bright whites to your teeth.

Strawberries and Baking Soda can remove superficial stains from your teeth and in the past has been considered an effective DIY teeth bleaching method.