3OYS recovers more than $5.8K in March

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3 On Your Side kicked off March by helping a Phoenix woman named Tina DellaCave.

DellaCave decided to subscribe to Dish Network, but the satellite provider accidentally tapped her bank account for more than $400. However, once 3 On Your Side got involved, Dish promptly put the money back in DellaCave's account.

"Thank you guys, you did a great job," she told 3 On Your Side.

3 On Your Side also helped Ron Salerno, a Valley limousine driver, recover around $1,600 from his previous employer. Unfortunately, that employer kept giving Salerno rubber checks.

This went on for months until 3 On Your Side got involved. The limousine company finally paid Salerno with a $1,600 cashier's check -- one that was obviously good.

Salerno said he owes it all to 3 On Your side.

"Not only are they ‘3 On Your Side,' but they're '3 By Your Side.' They were there every time we called, and they moved the process along quickly," Salerno said.

The 3 On Your Side team also helped Carrie Strutton, owner of a Target credit card.

A scammer stole her account information and racked up $800 in fraudulent purchases.

Strutton reported it to Target, but in the end, Target held her responsible for the $800 in fraudulent charges, she told 3 On Your Side. However, Target officials soon changed their mind and erased the $800 from her account, permanently.

Strutton said it was great working with 3 On Your Side.

"To have it cleared up within a week after trying for six months," Strutton said, "(was) very good experience."

And finally, Brianna Kauble and her family purchased a Golden Retriever puppy named Guinness for $1,800 from a Valley pet store.

Kauble told 3 On Your Side that she and her husband filled out paperwork thinking they were financing the dog and making payments to pay it off. However, they soon found out they were actually leasing the dog.

If Kauble and her family would have paid the 29 monthly payments as the lease indicated, they would have handed over a whopping $4,600. Only then would they actually own their dog.

But once 3 On Your Side got involved, the finance company allowed Kauble to pay the $1,800 purchase price in one lump sum, letting go of her lease and saving her $2,800.

"Once Gary got involved, it was done," Kauble said. "Everybody just backs off and does the right thing -- does what should have been done in the beginning. So, it's a huge relief because we know she's ours and no one can come get her."

It all adds up to more than $5,800 that 3 On Your Side was either able to save or recover during the month of March. The lump sum for January, February and March is nearly $28,000. If you have a problem that needs to be resolved, feel free to email Gary by visiting azfamily.com.

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