Did Gov. Ducey check the science behind latest abortion bill?

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Gov. Doug Ducey's comments Tuesday on the state's latest efforts to restrict abortions raised more questions than they answered.

Chief among them: Did anyone in the governor's administration look at the science in the bill before he signed it?

Starting sometime this summer Arizona doctors must inform patients about the questionable practice of “reverse abortions.”

It's a medical protocol that most doctors say is unproven and many say could be dangerous.

However, the first-year governor would not say if his staff researched the safety of what some are now calling, “ voodoo medicine.”

“Well what we talked about was the issue that we had to clarify within the law about taxpayer dollars being used for abortions,” Ducey said.

The provision on reverse abortions was slipped into a larger bill blocking patients from buying abortion coverage through ObamaCare.

“That was the major component of the bill and that was what was signed, the rest was more information, part of informed consent.”

On Monday the governor made Arizona the first state in the country requiring abortion doctors to inform their patients of this alternative.

The procedure is used women who change their mind halfway through a medical abortion. It involves the use of a hormone injected into the woman to save pregnancy.

According to the New York Times, most of the research is based on work by Dr. George Delgado, whose work has come intense scrutiny.

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