Sphinx Date Co. offers locally-grown goodness

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We're always hearing how we should “buy local.” And there's one Valley business that's making it very easy for you to do just that.

Sphinx Date Co. has been an Arizona institution for over 60 years. The business offers all things "authentic to Arizona,” from local wine, to local food, to local dates home-grown in the Arcadia district and around the area.

“They are grown primarily in the Yuma area but sometimes all the way from Gila Bend, and even out to Palm Springs,” says Rebecca Seitz, Co-Owner, Sphinx Date Co., Palm & Pantry.

And forget regular milkshakes. The company's homemade date shakes are legendary around town. They're vanilla shakes with fresh dates blended in.

With a traditional family approach, Sphinx Date Co. has offered fresh, locally sourced dates and edible gifts to the Valley since 1951.

Sphinx Date Co. Palm & Pantry

3039 N. Scottsdale Road