New dating app 'Hitch' lets friends set up friends

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Are you looking for love? There's an app for that! But this particular app lets friends set up friends. It's called “Hitch,” and it's being called the Tinder for matchmakers.

The set-ups happen through Facebook. The chats can begin anonymously, but when they're comfortable, pairs can choose to reveal their identity.

So if your friend “hitches” you with somebody, you'll only know the gender and the age of the person with whom you're chatting. So, for example, you'll know that you're chatting with a 24-year-old male, but you won't have any other details.

If you realize you like this person, there's an option to reveal your identity. And since you won't know your potential match's identity at first, you'll have to trust your friend's judgment!

Hitch officials say that 85 percent of the “hitches” result in conversation and many lead to dating.

Hitch's founder Anton Gu says the idea came to him because of his own experiences. He says he met a mutual friend one night but was too shy to ask his friends for her number

So if you're a matchmaker, here's what you need to do: Log onto Facebook, and select two friends you want to introduce. Then send them a message saying you think they'd be a good match.

Matchmakers can check back to see how many messages the couple has exchanged once they've revealed their identities.

The app is available in 50 countries, and is already causing a big splash internationally. “We grew very quickly in India,” says Gu. “Matchmaking is popular in their culture. People understand the concept straight away and tell their friends about it. There is also huge potential in markets where online dating is difficult.”

According to Gu, women are better matchmakers than men. In fact, there's one woman in Texas who has introduced 14 couples already!

Hitch is named after the Will Smith film about a romantic guru who helps singles find love.

Anton says he hopes awareness of Hitch will continue to grow. “We think that people who are successful, will in turn tell their friends how they met and introduce them,” he says.