Tuesday, March 31

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Baskin Robbins 70th Anniversary

3TV viewers can get single scoops of ice cream for $1.31/scoop (reg. price $2.99/ea.) or a Classic Two-Scoop Sundae for $3.31/ea. (reg. price $4.89/ea.) today, and on any 31st of the month in the year after that. This is to celebrate the Baskin-Robbins 31-flavor heritage and 70th birthday.

At participating locations around the valley.

Sphinx Date CO.

Sphinx Date Co. has been an Arizona institution for over 60 years by offering all things "authentic to Arizona," from the local wine, to the local food, to the local dates home-grown in the Arcadia district.

Sphinx Date Co. Palm & Pantry

3039 N. Scottsdale Road


Easter Basket Goodies

Go candy-less this Easter by rounding up unique gifts for your children-goodies so sweet, their candy cravings will be forgotten!

Lifestyle expert Valery Lodato shows us what kind of unique gift ideas you can give your children this year for Easter.

Teen Fun

If you're a parent of teens, then you probably know how difficult it is to get them away from their devices, so how do you create some fun at home and get your teens to engaged?

Donna Bozzo has created the website/blog www.TheLadyWithTheAlligatorPurse.com so you have a chance to learn about some of the cool adventures she cooks for her teens that you can use.