Snake season slithers into spring weather

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As the weather heats up, snake season is slithering into action. Scottsdale Fire Department said that they have had over 130 snake calls since March 1, and they even had six in one hour on Wednesday.

But their last call yesterday was a unique one.

Valley grandmother Vergie McDavid had been reading outside on her son's patio in north Scottsdale near Jomax and Scottsdale Road when she dozed off with her feet on a bench.

"I woke up and I heard the phone and I looked down and I heard this strange sound," McDavid said.

She said it sounded like a plastic baby rattle right under her feet, but when she looked down, she saw it was a rattle snake.

"I thought, how am I going to get out of this chair," she said. "He never stopped rattling, he never stopped, rattle, rattle, rattle!"

McDavid managed to throw her feet over the side of the chair, hopped out backwards, and raced from the chair to inside her son's house. She called 911, and Scottsdale Fire Department arrived within minutes and tracked down the snake that had slithered to another part of the patio. Pete Tocco with Scottsdale Fire quickly grabbed the snake with a snake pole and took it out into the desert and released it.

Bryan Hughes with Rattlesnake Solutions said the snakes are now moving from their winter dens to where they will spend the summer.

"They come out they get their first meal of the year they try to meet some girls trying to get out and do all the things that rattlesnakes do," Hughes said. "So there is a lot of activity right now."

He said the best thing you can do if you come across a rattlesnake is to walk away.

"It's not going to come towards you or to try and get you," Hughes said. "Its whole goal is to get you away."

Hughes said that the snake McDavid encountered is a Western Diamondback, the most common type of snake spotted in the Valley. She said if she had known it was snake season and that the Scottsdale Fire Department had already received so many snake calls, she would have been more cautious.

"If I had known that I would have looked more carefully before I came out," she said.

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