Tech beat: Security cameras in the home

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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Many folks have considered installing a nanny-cam in their house for added security. But what about putting in a a whole-house security system?Tishin Donkersley, editor-in-chief of AZ Tech Beat, showed us some of the new technology available to monitor your home.

Many security cameras can be easily installed and monitored from your work computer or your phone.

You should look for products that will integrate with existing systems or purchase a system upon which you can build.

So depending on your budget, you could get a more extensive system in one shot, or buy a few cameras and add more later on.

Pricing for home security systems can begin around $150.

The latest smart doorbells and web cameras now have added features such as night vision, facial recognition, motion detection, two-way audio, wider angles, HD cameras and push notifications to your mobile device.

And here's another tip. Sometimes putting up fake cameras in plain sight and hiding the real ones could be a way to deter any potentially wrongdoing in or around the house.

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