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My Blog Most Popular Tips & Recipes

by:  Rachel Harris, 

My blog just turned 4 years old this month so I thought I would celebrate the anniversary of by sharing with you some of our most popular tips and recipes.  For quick family friendly recipes, travel tips, beauty and fashion news and shared parenting advice check out my blog where I strive to make our manic lives a little more managed with stuff that makes sense.  

Food Faves

As a busy Mom, food is a hot topic because trying to balance cooking healthy food on a tight time schedule isn't always easy so we love to share recipes on  First I will share one for us parents and then one that is family friendly as well.  

Have you heard of the Bullet Proof Latte that is supposed to be a good for you coffee drink that leaves your brain feeling more focused and sharp?   I had heard about this and I recently read an article in Health Magazine that elaborated on this theory.  The article reports that recent research shows that the type of saturated fat in coconut oil, made up of medium-chain triglycerides, may help the body produce energy, and may increase healthy HDL cholesterol levels. The report also says that coconut oil also may help fight colds and inflammation.  My gym trainers also told me that they believe that adding coconut oil to your coffee can help with cognitive function making you feel a bit more focused during the day.  I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I swear it is working for me.  Here is my take on the recipe if you want to try it...

My Bulletproof Latte Recipe from my blog:

What You Need:

1 cup of brewed black coffee

1 tablespoon of organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil

dash of cinnamon

dash of nutmeg

1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

What You Do:

1.  Simply brew your coffee.

2.  Pour coffee in blender.  I used my Bullet.  

3. Add coconut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract and then blend into a luscious latte.  Enjoy! 

Now let's make a family friendly version of healthy homemade granola.  My daughter used to eat a quick container of flavored yogurt in the mornings that is super convenient but usually has a high amount of sugar. 

Our Healthy Version of Good Granola For A Busy School Morning

What You Need:

1/2 Cup of a good plain organic yogurt like Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt 

1 packet of Stevia 

Dash of cinnamon

Organic Blueberries

1 Tablespoon of KIND Healthy Grains Raspberry Clusters with Chia Seeds (We love this brand because this particular variety contains no tree nuts and my girl is allergic to tree nuts and it has five super grains combined with raspberries, cranberries, crunchy chia seeds a taste of vanilla.)

What You Do:

1.  Sweeten the yogurt with 1 packet of stevia.  Add cinnamon and mix well.  Top with blueberries and KIND Raspberry Clusters and you've got a quick and healthy granola parfait on the go with a lot less sugar since this is our homemade recipe. 

For more recipe ideas, visit my blog's food section.  The section is organized into categories that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and beverages. 

Most Liked Blog Beauty Tips

Mascara 101 - Karen Hall, our show's professional makeup artist writes beauty articles for my blog and one of her most read tips is about mascara.  Karen says that bigger isn't always better when it comes to mascara.  She recommends Maybelline's Lash Discovery and says to apply both on the outside and inside of the lashes. She says smaller is better because the tiny bristles enable you to get closer to the base of the lashes.  

Best Brow Tip for Under A Dollar - Karen also wowed my readers when she shared a cool beauty tool that only costs 80 cents a piece for eyebrows.  It is the Prisma drawing pencil called ebony and they sell locally at Arizona Art Supply locations.  I use mine every day to fill in my eye brows.  Karen told us in her article in my blog that she has been using the same eyebrow pencil on herself and on her clients for over 25 years.  The eyebrows frame the eyes the same way the hair frames the face.  Karen went on to write that brows are the first thing she notices on women and when their they are poorly shaped this pencil can come to the rescue. 

Best Beauty Product Resource -- Karen also told our readers about a helpful online watchdog site called Skin Deep that can be found at  Once in the site, you can enter your favorite beauty product and the site will give you a rating on how many chemicals are in the ingredients. 

Best Blog Blowout Tips -- Another team writer on my blog is Angelic, my long time hair stylist and she is quite good.  Angelic shared her tips for giving yourself a good blowout and my readers loved her simple advice that made great sense.  It comes down to three easy steps.  First remember to never start  with soaking wet hair.  Angie says damp, not soaking wet.  Flip your head over to get some of the moisture out.  Next section your hair with clips so that you dry one section at a time and here is a surprising tip...use a flat brush instead of the traditional round brush because the round type gets easily tangled in hair when you are trying to do it yourself. 

Foot Health & Fashion Fave -- After being diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and a heel spur I was certain that I would have to lose my beloved high heels and gain a cortisone shot.  One of my most read blog posts ever shares how I was healed with alternative treatments like ultrasound and rolling a frozen water bottle under my foot nightly.  All of the details and the doctor that treated me are listed in my blog post at  Now for the high heel good news.  I found several stylish pairs of orthotic heels that actually look nice at my local Foot Solutions store.  They are expensive, but have proven to be the only heels that I can truly wear these days and not have foot pain the next day.  The shoes are made by Ziera and they are pretty good about coming out with new styles every year.  

Most Popular Travel Tips

My blog is a great resource if you are planning family travel.  Not only do I cover airport security and packing procedures, but we have reviewed some great destinations like Washington DC, Maui, Flagstaff, San Francisco and others including an Amtrak vacation train trip review that was written by my son.  All of the travel articles include links so you can book anything of interest that you may want to try on your next trip.  Just look under the Travel section of my blog. 

Most Popular Parenting Post

We have had some great ones that cover helping kids finds limits with electronics, kid friendly snacks, discipline ideas that work and more.  The two that have tied for the #1 parenting article spot are very different and have both been very popular.  The first one is my article that I wrote about my teen son getting his driver's license that included a link to a local driver's school that is run by retired police officers.  Both my son and I give a thumbs up to this driving school for teens when they are preparing to take the written and the driving exam.  And the other most popular article was written by our team writer, Lisa Walton,  who is a teacher and a mom and she wrote several article s about teaching kids to be respectful along with recommended children's books to further enhance the positive behavior.  Look under Family Matters in my blog to see these and many more helpful parenting articles.  

Most Popular Post Ever

This is an easy one because it gets the highest traffic every single week on Friday and that is my blog's Freebie Friday section.  All of my blog's subscribers automatically go into a drawing, that is done through, every Friday and the winner gets a free prize pack.  Past prizes have included beauty products, appliances, jewelry and more.  To subscribe to my blog simply sign up at the home page.  There is no cost and I never share your email address.  You simply receive an email when we post a recipe, beauty article, my morning show segment, etc.  

So check out for tips, recipes and more.  My readers tell me  that my blog is a great resource when it comes to looking for shared ideas to make our manic lives a little more managed.