3OYS: Family says leasing a pet is a doggone shame

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - You could say Brianna Kauble has her hands full.

Not only does she have 8-month-old twins and a 6-year-old daughter, the stay-at-home mom also takes care of the family's new puppy.

Kauble said they purchased their purebred golden retriever, Guinness, the way many families do: they went into a Valley pet store to simply look at puppies and wound up falling in love.

Before they knew it, Kauble said she and her husband were buying Guinness for $1,800. It's money they told the pet store they really didn't have, but the pet store had a solution.

"Obviously, the cash wasn't there,” Kauble recalled telling the animal shop. “And she's like, ‘Well, we do financing, and then you can buy it out, pay it off, and that's it.' And we're like, ‘OK.' "

Financing a puppy might sound unusual to some, but check this out.

After filling out all the paperwork and getting home, Kauble said she discovered they were actually leasing the dog.

They were supposed to pay $141 per month for 29 months, and after adding in other fees, it would be a grand total of $4,236. Only then would they own Guinness.

Their paperwork states that if payments aren't made, Guinness can be repossessed, just like an automobile.

"As cute as she is, we wouldn't have gone home with her,” Kauble said. “It's just not financially possible. She's gorgeous, and it's all fun and everything, but no."

Kauble said she and her husband couldn't believe what they got themselves into with their new pet. So, Kauble contacted 3 On Your Side, and the team tracked down Wags Lending, the company leasing Guinness for $141 per month.

In an email, Wags said it "lends money to consumers who need assistance to buy the things they love,” kind of like Guinness.

Wags said there's really no interest rate on its leases and the company was disappointed to hear that Kauble wasn't satisfied. As a result, Wags agreed to let Kauble out of the lease contract and buy Guinness for the original purchase price of $1,800 as long as it was paid in one lump sum.

Kauble and her family scraped the money together and did just that, meaning Guinness is now officially theirs to keep.

Kauble said she's relieved she's not leasing Guinness anymore and credits 3 On Your Side for the quick resolution.

“Once Gary got involved, it's done, and everybody just backs off and does the right thing, does what should have been done in the beginning” Kauble said. “So, it's a huge relief because we know she's ours and no one can come get her.”

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