Buttocks implant procedures on the rise

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It's no secret Scottsdale is home to a lot of "reconstructive" work. How else does a place called "Old Town" end up attracting so many young folks?

Well there's a growing trend in Scottsdale and across the Valley. It has everything to do with augmentation, but the target isn't the chest or the face. It's the backside.

Everyone is asking, why the fad? One Valley surgeon says there's an 85 percent increase in buttock augmentations. 

"It's a very popular procedure. We've had several patients today come in for consultations on that," said Dr. Remus Repta with Advanced Aesthetic Associates. 

Dr. Repta says the number of patients looking to increase the size of their buttocks now outnumbers the patients looking to enhance their bust.

The procedure can be done several ways, either the standard silicone implants or injections, or as a fat transfer, which is similar to liposuction. "You get two for the price of one," said Dr. Repta. 

It's the only kind of buttock enhancement procedure he performs, and he says, quite frankly, it's the one least likely to come with long-term effects."When you sit on them you put pressure on the implants and they can shift around; there's a little higher complication rate," he said. 

Buttock implants and injections are also being offered at deep discounts by people right here in the Valley, who claim to be medical professionals but aren't licensed. Those folks are using substances not approved by federal regulators, according to Dr. Repta. 

"They're injecting substances that are unnatural and substances that don't have any business being in the human body."

The average fee for a legal buttocks implant or fat transfer is anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. Dr. Repta says it's always best to play it safe and invest in your health. 

"You're making the decision that really should be a one and done. You want it be done and for it to look great and great for the rest of your life," he said.

He says for anyone considering getting any type of medical procedure to do the research, read reviews and make sure the physician is board-certified.

For information, visit: www.drrepta.com

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