Mother's Grace helps Valley mothers enduring tragedies


It takes a village to fight it, and now a nonprofit is helping Valley mothers get through one of the toughest battles of their lives. It's called Mother's Grace, and for so many of these mothers, it's a godsend. The woman who founded the organization says she was inspired by her own battle with cancer. 

"You lose your hair. (It) changes your physical aspect," said Angela Harris, a single mother of three young children.

She recalls the physical and emotional pain after her 2012 diagnosis with triple-negative breast cancer.

"It was like two weeks of nothing but crying because it was one thing after another, after another, after another. It was like everything was being pulled out from under you," she said.

Even though Harris is now cancer-free, she says the chemotherapy has caused ripple effects. She suffers now from several ailments, including fibromyalgia.

The certified staff accountant lost her job, her home, her car and her confidence. But two months ago, that all changed thanks to Michelle Moore and her nonprofit, Mother's Grace. Moore is a cancer survivor herself.

"I know what she feels like when you're crying every day and you're just going, 'Will someone come and just take this from me?' Because you are the mom, you're the backbone of the family," Moore said of Harris.

Moore's organization offers services and aid to 100 mothers a year who are going through catastrophic life events, including personal illness or sick children. Her mission is to empower these mothers to embrace leadership roles once again. 

"It's everywhere. It's in your community. ... It's people that have been very successful or people that have very consistent jobs, and their lives just get flattened by an illness or a tragedy," Moore said.

Harris still has a long road to recovery but says the prepared meals, gas cards and even new bed for her painful joints will help her heal faster.

"It's so important to see that there is help out there, that there are people that are still kind in this world that still care, that want to help, and Mother's Grace has showed me that," she said.

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