86-year-old man still plays ice hockey

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By Debbie Barrie, WAFF

"In my day, about five years old, most kids got a pair of skates, probably hand me downs and learned to skate on the ponds in Connecticut," said Fred Hudson.

Hudson has been playing hockey on and off for about 80 years now. Next week, he turns 86, and he's still lacing up his skates

"You get the feeling you can fly almost," Hudson said. "When I go out there and play, I make a lot of mistakes. I'm slower that the other guys, but every now and then, I make a play and that's enough to carry me to the next game."

Some of the guys he's played with in the league, he actually coached back in the day.

"I knew there was a good reason for it," Hudson said. "I wanted them around when I came back. I needed somebody to play with."

Of course, hockey comes with some bumps and bruises and over the years, Hudson has had to change his game a little bit. But at almost 86, Hudson refuses to be benched, in both the game of life and on the ice.

"Once I get the stuff on and I'm on the ice, it's just all business."