USAA basic training educates employees, honors military

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More than 100 USAA employees gathered this morning to get a taste of military basic training.

The Zero Day PT voluntary basic military training session is an effort to honor military service members and educate employees about what it is like to serve in the military. The event is named after the first day of military basic training.

In 2014, 31 percent of USAA's new employees were military veterans or spouses. At USAA, the customers are active and retired service members, and they say that to know the customers, employees have to know some basic training.

"They had a great experience of what it means to serve our military, and get a little taste of what it's like to get up in the morning and exercise your lungs, heart and soul," USAA IT director and Zero Day PT founder Brian Parks said. "Every day we serve the military, and this gives us a great opportunity to really connect with our hearts and our minds with our members."

The event helps to strengthen cultural understanding of the military community members so they can better advocate on their behalf. USAA says that the basic training educates employees about the hard work and sacrifices of military families.

More than 25 military veteran USAA employees and active duty and reserve drill instructors directed the event to ensure an authentic experience.