911 tapes released in case of ASU football player Davon Durant

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Kelsi Langley and Davon Durant (Source: 3TV) Kelsi Langley and Davon Durant (Source: 3TV)
TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Did the number one inside linebacker in the country beat up his girlfriend?

ASU football's five-star recruit, Davon Durant, was booked for assault and disorderly conduct.

His girlfriend has since recanted the statements.

She says Durant did not attack her.

But there was a witness who originally called 911.

So what did the witness actually see?

Accusations claim Durant hit his girlfriend in the face and choked her in a car on March 6th.

The girlfriend now says it's not true.

Everything allegedly happened outside the apartment of Kelsi Langley, Durant's girlfriend.

A witness wasted no time describing the situation to the dispatcher.

Caller: "Hey, yeah. There's some guy like beating some girl inside this car"

Dispatcher: "Where's this at?"

Caller: "This is at Normal and Apache"

The witness uses the words "hit" and "beat."

Langley also told police that night she was hit.

She said she and her boyfriend were having an argument.

He wanted to go up to her place and get his things and she refused and that's when he allegedly hit her and choked her.

But two days later she went to police to change her story.

"I wasn't thinking, you know. When I told police what I told them it was just in my head. I just thinking, you know, forget you," said Langley.

She told police, and 3TV's Tyler Baldwin on the phone, the highly-recruited athlete did not in fact hit her and the bruises police noted were from something else.

"The marks on my neck are actually from hickeys that was caused probably about an hour or so before the incident," said Langley.

But the witness on the 911 tape tells a different story and said he's not the only one who saw it.

Dispatcher: "And he's hitting her?"

Caller: "Yeah. They're in the car. The girl's like screaming like these guys I just ran into said they saw her in the... hitting her"

Durant has been suspended indefinitely from the ASU football team pending the investigation.

Woman who accused ASU linebacker of domestic violence recants story

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