Kick the aches with these natural hangover remedies

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Hangover got you down? Doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine Dr. Ed Lamadrid, L.Ac. has some tips and tricks to kick a nasty hangover and bust myths about cures that don't cut it.

A hangover is depletion of water, sugar and electrolytes by overconsumption of alcohol. Symptoms include headache, nausea, queasy stomach, and congestion.

Common hangover tips that don't work:

Coffee or caffeine: Caffeine, like alcohol is dehydrating to the body. It could make a headache worse.

Hair of the Dog: Drinking more alcohol. This will make hangover symptoms worse.

Greasy meal: The stomach is already irritated. A greasy meal is hard to digest and would make gastric symptoms worse. Greasy meals are better before drinking to prevent a hangover.

Natural hangover tips that do work:

Prickly pear juice

DIY press points on the foot to treat headache and nausea

Virgin bloody mary (tomato juice)

Coconut water

Take a mustard bath (either yellow mustard or wasabi) to detox the body