Valley mother pens book about children with special needs

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Little Maggie Lent loves Justin Bieber and can tear up a dance floor with the enthusiasm of any music-loving six-year-old.

But Maggie Lent-- who sports her signature red glasses-- has been through a lot.

"At about 17 weeks pregnant, we found out our baby girl had some major complications with her heart and her kidneys and her brain," said Maggie's mother, Lissette Lent. "Shortly after she was born, she was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Trisomy 8 Mosaicism, and it's where her 8th chromosome tripled instead of doubled," said Lent.

And since birth, Maggie has endured numerous surgeries and has been attached to devices like apnea monitors and feeding tubes. She's also worn back and leg braces.

"You have people staring, people pointing, and as she got older, it turned into children looking and staring and running away. And that's really why I wanted to write this book," said Lent.

The book's called "We're Not So Different After All," and features a young Maggie, red glasses and all. It teaches kids to ask questions when they see someone who's different.

"I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to change the way that children perceived her and just to bring awareness to children of special needs and that is my biggest passion," said Lent.

Lent is raising money to publish the book on Kickstarter, and says the message is to treat all people with kindness and compassion.

"I think as we teach our kids at a young age to love and accept others that look and act differently, that we are going to be, we're going to change the future," said Lent.

It's a message, Lent hopes, that will make the world a little kinder for little kids like Maggie.

Lent wants to raise $15,000 to publish the book, and the fundraising has two weeks left.

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