Young Valley singer Talia takes music world by storm

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A young singer-songwriter from right here in the Valley is making a name for herself in the nationwide music scene.

Talia has been performing around Scottsdale and Phoenix for the last 14 years. She has just released a new original song called "Waves," available now on iTunes. The song will be featured on her fourth "all original" record available later this year. She will also be shooting a music video in Los Angeles next month.

Talia tells us that she hopes to inspire young artists breaking into the competitive music industry.

Talia has performed at local venues such as the Phoenician Resort, Celebrity Theatre, Lone Butte Casino, JW Marriott and many other clubs/lounges. In Los Angeles, she has performed at venues like The Mint, On the Rox, and The Viper Room.

Talia started her recording career by releasing her first record in 2003 with producer Jeff Weber and David Benoit and the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra. Talia has been a voting member of the Recording Academy (GRAMMYs) since she was 15. And her recent music has been on the 2008 and 2013 GRAMMY Ballots.

Talia has a style all her own that is influenced by cinematic themes, blues, and jazz from artists including Sting, Stevie Nicks, Michel Camilo, and Alexandre Desplat. Her new record, coming out early next year, reflects some of these influences and it features her emotional vocals and relatable lyrics.

The young artist says she is inspired to write music based on her personal life experiences, in hopes of connecting with her fans and others around the world. And, she adds, she loves what she does.

"I love the recording studio," says Talia. "The recording process is one that requires complete, exhaustive thought and attention, then the ability to set that all aside."

It's no surprise Talia ended up as a recording artist. She grew up surrounded by musical influences.

"Music has invariably felt like home to me, starting at a young age," says Talia. "From as long as I can remember there was music at home. My dad would play his favorite records over and over again. So I grew up listening to the Eagles, John Mellencamp, Gypsy Kings, and Pink Floyd."

"As a girl, I started piano when I was four," she continues. "I danced, played tennis; loved film. But the piano is what I truly connected with. As soon as I discovered writing songs, I knew I couldn't live without it."

As much as she loves recording, live performance is where she feels most connected to fans and with fellow musicians. "I love getting live feedback from fans and feeling the energy of an audience," says Talia. "And I am inspired by playing with great musicians. It's very fulfilling to work with people who share the same passion for music."

Talia has been an ambassador for the GRAMMY in the Schools program. This program is sponsored by the GRAMMY Foundation and focuses on music education.

"I was fortunate enough to attend a two-week-long GRAMMY Camp in 2008. It's a music camp focused on helping young people start a successful music career. It was an amazing experience and I was happy to speak on radio shows and to newspapers about the foundation. Music education is a personal cause for me and I am inspired by the people who volunteer as well as the young musicians."


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You can watch a youtube video of her playing piano and singing "See You Again":