St. Patrick's Day Crafts: Creative Collage with Alisha Liyanage

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Alisha Liyanage gets creative for St. Patrick's day with rainbows, clovers and a pot of gold.  

Crafting is a fun, simple and low budget activity. Use items around your household and don't forget that the dollar store can be your best friend!

Crystal Clover

For this experiment the key ingredient for our scientist is a magical substance called Borax. They transform into really cool clover crystals, which could be the perfect bait to catch a leprechaun!

What you need: Borax (can be found in the detergent isle at your local grocery store), Glass Jar, Pencil, Long Pipe Cleaners, Boiling Water and String 


Mold the pipe cleaner into a shape of a clover. Using the string tie the clover to a pencil so it dangles. Then mix ½ cup of Borax with 3 cups of boiling water and stir until the Borax particles dissolve. The water is going to be slightly cloudy at first, but it should become clear. Place the clover in the solution with the pencil on the top of the jar so it hangs in the solution. Leave it overnight, and in the morning get ready to catch your first leprechaun with your crystallized clover. 

Framed Button Clovers

Why not take St. Patrick's Day crafting to a new level and create something that will create a long lasting memory. Not only do is this a cute decoration, but it can also be a really great gift to a teacher or someone special. Go the extra mile and use sticker letters to personalize it!

What you need: Frames, Scrapbook Paper, Glue Gun, Buttons, Sticker Letters (optional) 


Cut the scrapbook paper to the size of the frame. Place it in front of the glass (so you can glue the buttons on top). Lightly trace the shape of a clover on the scrapbook paper and use the hot glue gun to get creative gluing the buttons. Add the sticker letters to spell a name for a personal touch. 

Cereal Rainbow

This is a great activity to help kids with color sorting activities, and cereal also makes a yummy snack!

What you need: Cereal, Paper, Glue 


Glue the cereal in a shape of a rainbow which leads to the pot of gold. 

Clover Pepper Stamps

It is something you can grow in your garden and now it can be used for crafts. Make vegetables fun!

What you need: Paper, Peppers, Paint


Cut the bottom of the pepper. Dab the pepper in a bit of paint and it makes the shape of a clover when you stamp it.

The Mischievous Leprechaun Overnight Visit

Leprechauns are very mischievous and create havoc. Kids wait for the moment when they wake up to see if the leprechaun has visited overnight, but what if the leprechaun had an “accident” in the toilet. My mum is a preschool teacher, and she does this with her 3-year-olds and they love it!

What you need: Green Jello Packet


Just pour the packet of jello powder in the toilet. It doesn't stain the toilet. Just flush away when you are finished.