Woman who accused ASU linebacker of domestic violence recants story

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Kelsi Langley and Davon Durant (Source: 3TV) Kelsi Langley and Davon Durant (Source: 3TV)

Arizona State University has suspended linebacker Davon Durant after his arrest on allegations of domestic violence and aggravated assault. Now the woman he is accused of hitting is recanting her story.

Durant is a junior-college transfer, due to make his debut with ASU in 2015.

The arrest stems from an incident March 6 in Tempe. According to police, witnesses called 911 after seeing Durant allegedly hit his girlfriend.

Durant told police he had been involved in a verbal altercation with his girlfriend inside a vehicle, according to the police report.

The victim told police that she had argued with Durant, and told him she wanted him to leave. The victim said Durant entered the passenger side of the vehicle and demanded that she go up to her apartment with him so he could retrieve property from the apartment.

Police say the victim refused, telling Durant to leave and she would bring him his property. The victim said Durant then hit her one time in the face and then grabbed her around the neck.

The victim said she was not sure if he grabbed her with one hand or both, but said he squeezed her neck and impeded her ability to breathe.

The victim had visible injuries, consisting of a small contusion and red mark beneath her left eye, and several abrasions and bruises around her neck consistent with finger marks from being grabbed around the neck. The victim did not lose consciousness and refused medical treatment.

Kelsi Langley told 3TV's Tyler Baldwin that she went back to the police two days later and told them she lied.

"I wasn't thinking, you know, when I told police ... what I told them," she explained. "In my head I'm just thinking, you know, 'Forget you.'"

Langley told Baldwin the marks on her neck were hickies and her eyes were red from crying.

"I already knew I had marks on my neck, and I knew I could pass them off as something," she said.

Although Langley recanted her statement, police are continuing their investigation because she is not the one who called them in the first place. A witness made the initial call. What's more, authorities do not need Langley's permission to move forward.

Langley said she has no control over what others say.

"All I can do is step forward and tell them the truth, and hopefully they believe me," she said. "He deserves the truth. An innocent man shouldn't be sent to jail or become a convicted felon because of this, because of the lie that I said."

The Sun Devils started spring practice Monday, but Durant was not on the field. The junior-college transfer had enrolled at ASU early so he could take part in spring practice.

Durant will be suspended indefinitely as the investigation continues. His preliminary court hearing is set for Wednesday, March 18.

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