Un-'bear'-ably cute cubs make their debut at Bearizona

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WILLIAMS, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Spring is always the time for new beginnings. And that's especially true at Bearizona Wildlife Park in Williams, Arizona. Three black bear cubs born in early January at Bearizona can now be viewed by the public in a special care area of the park.

The cubs will be moved to their own enclosure in May, and will then be seen within the walk-through portion of the park.

Black bears commonly have between two and four cubs per litter, and can nurse up to six cubs, officials said. But only four of 10 cubs will reach the first year of life. The remaining six will fall victim to starvation or depredation by male bears or other large carnivores, officials said.

Arizona has a stable wild population of black bear in the wild. However, the elusive animals are rarely seen. Visitors to Bearizona Wildlife Park are able to get a close encounter with captive black bears, while learning about their habits and history.

"The connections people make between our animal residents and the habitats in which they reside are key to understanding and conserving wildlife," explains COO and Curator Vanessa Stoffel.

She adds, "We have a unique opportunity to educate the public about what it means to live with and recreate among black bears, and these little ambassador cubs are where it all begins."

Spring brings the annual birthing season to Bearizona as the various species of North American wildlife give birth between March and July, officials said, making it a great time for the public to visit. 
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