Peoria pools prepare swimmers with Junior Lifeguard training courses

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Red Cross Lifeguard Training is helping swimmers of all ages prepare for the swim season at City of Peoria pools.

Peoria is offering lifeguard training throughout the month and every day during students' spring break periods. Junior Lifeguard training is for swimmers ages 13 through 15, and lifeguard training is for swimmers ages 15 years and older.

The Junior Lifeguard program starts today, March 16, and runs until March 26. Interested swimmers can still sign up for the classes. Swimmers must be able to swim 300 meters and swim while holding their breath to participate in the classes.

In the Junior Lifeguard program, swimmers will learn various lifeguard skills including CPR training, drowning prevention, water rescue response, fitness swimming and lifeguard duties. In addition to the physical and technical training, swimmers will also learn skills like resume writing, interview skills, leadership, professionalism and volunteerism. The 20 best lifeguards in the classes will be selected to lend their skills at Peoria pools over the summer.

"Learning to swim for these kids is maybe the most important thing they can do in their lives," Tim Eiden of the Peoria Fire Department said. "They start as early as six months learning how to swim, but we need these guys out there to have their back."

City of Peoria pools also offer swim lessons for all levels of experience, as well as one-on-one classes, synchronized swimming and more.

For more information about Peoria's aquatics programs, call 623-773-7143 or visit