Kitten rescued from high in Glendale pine adopted

(Source: Arizona Humane Society) (Source: Arizona Humane Society)

Evergreen wasn't exactly at home perched 50 feet above the ground in a Glendale pine tree for more than a week.

But after a tree-top rescue and some tender loving care, the 4-month-old kitten is now living in luxury.

Glendale firefighters and emergency animal medical technicians put Evergreen on the road to recovery early this month after they pulled the kitten from the branches of the tree and into the arms of the Arizona Humane Society.

The kitten had been marooned in the branches of the tree for a week before a concerned citizen heard its cries for help and contacted authorities.

Firefighters wormed through the branches to get within an arm's length of Evergreen, who purred in the arms of his rescuer as they made their way down the tree, Ashliegh Goebel, of the Arizona Humane Society, said.

She said Evergreen was starving, dehydrated, exhausted and lethargic, but was given fluids and taken to the Arizona Humane Society's Second Chance Animal Hospital for treatment.

After a few days of recuperating, Evergreen was adopted by a woman in Phoenix. 

The Arizona Humane Society said the new owner saw Evergreen on AHS' website and knew he was the one for her.

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