DIY: How to install a deadbolt


How to install a deadbolt

Replacing existing:
-Unscrew two screws from interior portion of the lock.
-Pull apart interior and exterior parts of the lock to remove from the door.
-Unscrew plate from the side of the door and pull out center piece.
-Insert new side piece, screw in new plate.
-Insert new interior and exterior parts of the lock by matching up flat ends of the center pole.
-Secure new screws.
-Rekey with SmartKey, if you've chosen that brand.

If adding deadbolt and there's not an existing hole:
-Get lockset/deadbolt installation kit, which comes complete with hole saws, a template, drill bits, etc, to make drilling the holes perfect every time.

How to make all your keys the same in your home with SmartKey technology by Kwikset:
-Put original working key into lock,
-Turn a quarter turn to the right to 3:00.
-Put SmartKey into small slot until it clicks.
-Then pull the SmartKey out.
-Then pull the original key out.
-Insert the new key, still at 3:00 position.
-Turn back to 9:00, then forward to 12:00.
-Then pull out the key, and it will now work.

Different types of locksets and deadbolts:
-Original, keyed on outside, handle or knob on the inside
-Keyed inside and outside
-New Keyless Kevo, works with key fob or smartphone app.
-Schlage key-less LED touch pad lock. Program a code, put code in to lock and unlock.
-Various other key-less button keypad locksets available.