Kids learn coding, game design at CodaKid camp

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It's estimated by the year 2020 there will be 1 million unfilled tech jobs. Now, a Valley entrepreneur hopes his training will help fill that gap.

Veteran video game developer David Dodge says he recognized a need for training future Valley engineers from a young age. Very recently, he developed a computer science and game design academy for children ages 6-14. It's called "coding," and at CodaKid, children are using cutting-edge technology to learn dynamic computer programming and video game design. 

"We really believe that coding is creativity, and we really want to establish that connection with kids," Dodge said.

Nathaniel Henderson, 11, and his twin brother enrolled in the program several months ago.

"It helps you with, like, using logic to figure out things on the computer," Henderson said.

He is one of dozens of kids already enrolled in one of the many classes Dodge offers at the Scottsdale academy.

Dodge is hoping his academy and upcoming summer camp will help fill the void of tech-qualified candidates and put Valley students at the top of the list.

"The skills involved with creating models with creating software architecture, those skills are other things that we delve into here at our academy," he said. "Those are enormously important and will be very high-paying jobs in the future."

Dodge is now enrolling students for his summer camp, which begins in June. 
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