Dog show to raise awareness about service animals


There's a dog show of sorts set to kick off Saturday in Tempe. But this one's more about people than the dogs. Paws for Mental Health is all about service animals.

Janette and Ethan are in counseling at the Youth Evaluation and Treatment Centers on North 19th Avenue. Janette shared some of her anxiety and how her service dog, Junior, helps her cope.

"I always think that everybody is having more fun and having a better life than me, so I hide things from my friends," she said.

But with one touch of this furry friend, Junior, Janette says her stress and feelings are immediately released.

"Dogs can ground a child, bring them back down to here and now," said Jennifer Brummet with Youth Evaluation and Treatment Centers.

Roberta Howard says her service animal, Zuma, can not only detect cancer cells, but also seizures, heart attacks, a chemical imbalance, even mental illness.

Both Zuma and Junior will be participating at Paws for Mental Health, an event that helps raise awareness about the many roles service animals play in society. 

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