3OYS Update: Limo driver finally gets paid

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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A lot of people always look forward to getting paid on payday, but how would you like to get paid with a bounced check?

A Phoenix man says his former employer kept giving him rubber checks, but what happened after 3 On Your Side got involved?

When it comes to a $1,600 check, Ron Salerno is optimistic it will clear this time.

Yes, this is a cashier's check that we're hoping should be good," he said.

Salerno is a limo driver who's already been paid with three checks, but if you recall, they all bounced.

We profiled his problem in previous 3 On Your Side reports, when Salerno explained how he worked for a company called First Class Executive Global Limousine and was owed around $1,600 in wages and tips. But he couldn't get the company to pay him with a check that wouldn't bounce.

"You work honestly, and then to not get paid for it and then to have to, in a sense, beg to get your money, it seems, to me, ridiculous," Salerno said.

The owner of First Class Executive Global Limousine is a man named Barry Beall. He told us he was having financial problems and would get Salerno paid, eventually. And he did by issuing a $1,600 check to the Labor Board because Salerno had filed a complaint. However, that check bounced again.

"I just didn't understand it and still don't understand it to this day," Salerno said.

3 On Your Side stayed involved, though, and kept asking questions until Beall finally issued Salerno another $1,600 check. This time a cashier's check, a check that finally didn't bounce. Salerno says he's been trying for months to get paid and claims it took 3 On Your Side to get it done.

"Not only are they 3 On Your Side, but they are '3 by your side.' They were there every time we called, and they moved the process along quickly," Salerno said.

We're happy we were able to help Salerno out. If you have a problem you can't resolve, maybe 3 On Your Side can. Just write us an email at azfamily.com.