Phoenix woman claims neighbor shot her dog

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Police are investigating allegations that a Phoenix man shot his neighbor's dog on Tuesday after it ran onto his property.

“I still can't believe somebody would do this,” said the dog's owner, Crystal Carrillo.

In an interview with 3TV, Carrillo said she is still trying to wrap her head around what happened to her puppy. She says her Maltese poodle named Puchis was shot on Tuesday after he got out of her family's Phoenix-area home.

“Once the bullet came inside him, it went through his abdomen, and they said it traveled all the way to his leg,” she said.

Puchis had to have emergency surgery. The bills are still being calculated, but Carrillo said it's cost her at least $6,000.

The 11-month-old puppy is home now and doing better.

So who would do something like this? Carrillo claims she knows exactly who -- her neighbor.

“We did file a police report, and my neighbor admitted. He's like, 'Yeah, I shot him,' ” Carrillo said.

She told 3TV that her neighbor went on to say that he did it because Puchis was chasing after his chickens and he was trying to protect them.

Her neighbor was not home when a 3TV crew stopped by on Thursday to ask him about the allegations.

We're told there have been previous encounters between the neighbor and Carrillo's parents, but the shooting, she says, was an overreaction.

“He could have come to our house and said, like, 'You know what? Take care of your dog, I don't want him on my property at all,' ” she said.

Police tell 3TV they are investigating.

In the meantime, Carrillo is on a mission to spread the word about what happened to her dog to others in her neighborhood, and she says other pet owners should take a proactive approach with their neighbors so this doesn't happen to them.

“Go to your neighbor and be like, 'If you see my dog or he does something to your property, let me know. I'll take care of it. It's my dog, my responsibility,' ” Carrillo said.

It's not clear if charges will be filed in this case, but Carrillo said she is interested in pressing charges.

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