71-year-old man beaten on Sun City golf course

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SUN CITY, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A 71-year-old man says he was beaten unconscious while walking his service dog on a Sun City golf course Sunday.

Franz Scott, 66, is accused of using a 55-inch walking stick to repeatedly beat Robert Wescott in their retirement community near 107th Avenue and Sun City Boulevard.  

Wescott, who is partially deaf, said he was walking his dog, Millie, when Scott began yelling at him from the back porch of a nearby home. 

"And this cart appeared out of nowhere and then he says ... 'Get the hell off this golf course and take your dog with you.' Then the next thing I know, I had this severe blunt to my head." 

Wescott said the first blow was to his forehead. The second, which was to the side of his head, knocked him to the ground.

"He didn't stop," Wescott said. "It'd be one thing if you whacked somebody, but I suffered over half a dozen blows, even while laying on my stomach on the ground."

Wescott said he thought he was going to die on that walking path and feared his dog would be harmed.

"I was so concerned that he was going to go after the dog because he mentioned that. He said, 'And the dog's next,' " Wescott recalled.

Neighbors heard the commotion and ran to Wescott's aid. He was rushed to a hospital.

Scott allegedly fled the scene, but he was arrested a short time later on assault charges. He has been released from jail.

3TV tried to speak with Scott at his Sun City home, but he slammed the door.

Wescott said that although the beating has left him shaken, it won't change his routine. He still plans to take long afternoon walks with Millie, and he is grateful she wasn't hurt.

"She's more important to me than, you know, living here alone because after my wife died, all she had was me," Wescott said.
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