DIY: Chalk paint welcome plaque for spring

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

Chalk paint welcome plaque for spring

-Americana Decor chalk paint (base coat)
-Americana Decor creme wax (top coat)
-Wooster vintage paint brush or any good-quality brush
-Lint-free cloth
-150-grit sandpaper
-Wood board (your desired size)
-Clear light fixture jar or mason jar
-Metal pipe strap
-18-inch piece of chain
-3 screws
-Sharpie paint pens
-Drill with a Philips screwdriver bit and a flathead screwdriver

-Apply one coat of chalk paint to the board. Let dry. (No prep, no priming, no sanding required.)
-Apply second color of chalk paint. Let dry. (First color should be the color desired to show through as a highlight, second color will be the main color.)
-Apply creme wax with lint-free rag as a top protective coat. (For a more vintage look, mix a touch of colored chalk paint into the creme wax before applying. Black or born works very well.) Let dry.
-Write "WELCOME," family name or desired saying with Sharpie paint pen. (Make sure to leave enough space at the right side of the board for the pipe strap and jar.)
-Decorate around the saying with flowers or desired decor. 
-Attach pipe strap with a drywall screw to the right side of the board.
-Place jar into the strap and tighten with flathead screwdriver.
-Add chain to the top of the board with two screws, each screw placed 3 inches from the right and left ends for hanging.
-Hang on a hook or screw on your front door, by the entry or anywhere you would like.
-Place fresh, dried or silk flowers in the jar and enjoy!