Valley kids get free eye exams thanks to mobile eye care nonprofit

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By Lindsay Robinson By Lindsay Robinson
By Lindsay Robinson By Lindsay Robinson

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- 40 Valley students are getting free eye exams and picking out frames for new glasses thanks to Eye Care 4 Kids, a mobile RV unit traveling around the country to provide eye care for children.

Eye Care 4 Kids launched its first program in Arizona today, examining students at Butler Elementary School and the Isaac School District from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The programs provides services from eye exams to eye glasses.

"A lot of the kids aren’t doing well in school because they can’t see the chalk board," Arizona program leader and president of CBD/Tomey USA Cecil Sywers said. "We get them glasses so that they can have a chance at life."

It is estimated that as much as 80 percent of children’s learning occurs through their eyes, according to Swyers.

"If we can help students while they are young, we can make a difference in their futures by giving them a fighting chance to make it through school," he said.

The Eye Care 4 Kids mission started its 2015 tour in Utah and went to Las Vegas before stopping in the Valley. The organizers hope to spread their vision around the entire country. Since it began its journey in 2001, the program has helped 100,000 children that otherwise would not have glasses.

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