3OYS Update: Limo owner bounces another check

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- "I got a call from the Department of Labor and they said they received a check," Ron Salerno said.

Getting a paycheck was good news for Salerno, well, it was supposed to be good news. You may recall he's the limo driver who worked for a company owned by Barry Beall, a company that owes Salerno $1,600 in tips and wages.
Beall is the current president of the Arizona Limousine Association and has been in past 3 On Your Side reports. But, a recent news report was not so glowing because Beall acknowledged he owed Salerno around $1,600 in back pay all because the paychecks he kept writing kept bouncing. Salerno said it's hard to pay bills with those rubber checks.

"I went down to the bank, there were no funds in the account," Salerno said.

He filed a complaint with the state's Labor Board. In order to resolve the issue, Beall mailed the Labor Board Salerno's $1,600 paycheck. Salerno said he was happy to finally get paid but then Salerno said the paycheck once again is no good.

"I’m down here now at the Department of Labor to return the check that's per their request," Salerno said.

3 On Your Side called Beall to find out why he mailed the Labor Board a worthless check. His response? "I don't need to talk to you."

Well, he's going to have to talk to the Labor Board now, which says it will give Beall 10 more days to come up with the $1,600 he owes Salerno. If not, the agency says they'll pursue the matter through the justice stem. In the meantime, Salerno said he just wants to be paid.

"Eventually it will all catch up to him, but I don't have any personal grudge or anything against him if he wants to operate like that and live like that that's just fine with me," Salerno said. "I just want the money that I deserve."

In an email to 3 On Your Side, the Labor Board said if Beall doesn't pay, they'll seek a judgment against him for three times the amount, which is nearly $5,000.


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