Phoenix Magazine presents the Cocktail Guide

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- The March issue of Phoenix Magazine hits newsstands this week. And if you like to entertain, don't miss this issue! It's called  the Cocktail Guide.

In the magazine, editor-in-chief Craig Outhier shares his favorite "cocktail hacks" with us, and gives short-cuts to enjoying cocktails at home. Inside the issue, readers can also check out the best places to get margaritas, Manhattans, Moscow mules, and more. Plus, the magazine is full of recipes and food-pairing ideas.

This issue also features some extras for folks in town for spring training, including a Cactus League guide. "We've created a map of all the places you can visit in the vicinity of various stadiums," says Outhier. "Places to go for a bite, before of afterwards."

Here are some of Outhier's "cocktail hacks":

-Use juice from common sour, ornamental oranges that are otherwise useless, to create cocktails. 

-Make cocktail ice at home using common tubs or Tupperware.

-Buy the book The Flavor Bible. The James Beard-award winning culinary guide is also enormously useful for creating drinks.

-Make simple syrup at home. It's the backbone of cocktail making.

-Practice the "sour" concept with easy, three-ingredient cocktails using any spirit.