Mom Squad members share their thoughts on mean girls

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Well, we’re dealing with a lot of that right now on a weekly basis with our 12 year daughter. There is a new issue every day that she’s got to deal with, so it would be way too much for us to be constantly in the middle of. I really just listen to her and make sure that she stays grounded and not wrapped up in things that are really pretty silly. So far, she has been able to step away from the pettiness and see it for what it really is and then it doesn’t seem to bother her too much. I would say that the only way we would step in would be if she was in some sort of bullying situation or someone else was being treated unfairly.


As usual I asked my daughters and granddaughters if they had problems and how they dealt with it.

Interestingly enough one of my granddaughters had quite a bit as a senior in high school. She broke up with a young man and he spread rumors that she had said a lot of mean things about someone. The girl kept coming up to my grand daughter and harassing her. She said she tried to ignored it the first few times and finally she turned around and asked the girl to tell her what rumors she had said. The girl told her and her reply was she did not say things like that and had no idea what she was talking about.

The "mean girl" confronted the boy and he admitted he had lied. The "mean girl" then apologized. 

The best thing is NEVER retaliate. Never respond harshly to accusations.  It is difficult but always try to remain calm.

In junior high one of my granddaughters was threatened over and over. She finally told my daughter who called the principal and told him she wanted him to tell his staff, i.e. playground monitor, etc to just watch the behavior of the two girls especially on the playground. One being my granddaughter and the "mean girl". She said she didn't want to be a tattle tale and only side with HER daughter, but she also didn't want fights.

The harassing did stopped. She wasn't sure how or what happened and it didn't matter *** it did stop.