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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX  -- If you’re looking for a better job or a new career, you aren't alone. At the Greater Phoenix Career Expo Tuesday, more than 8,000 jobs were up for grabs. And it's not too late to apply.

Job seekers were able to talk face-to-face with recruiters from more than 130 employers at the Greater Phoenix Career Expo.

Applicant Najwa Villa said talking face-to-face with a recruiter was much easier than only applying online. She said she was able to establish a first impression that she hopes will land her a job.

“It's very uplifting for me because they seem as interested in you as you are in them,” said Villa. “Just talking to them and getting my foot in there and getting my name known.

Kimberly Hall, director of Community Experience at Goodwill Central Arizona said that's the whole point of meeting with a recruiter.

"It's great if you have your 30 second elevator speech, so when you're engaging with employers you’re smiling, you’re speaking very clearly and confidently,” said Hall.

Whether you're at a career expo or at a job interview, don't forget to have an impressive resume.

"Recruiters take about 15 seconds, 20 seconds to look at your resume, so just make sure that your  skills are accurately reflected in your resume and align with the job you're applying for,” said Hall.

Hall said you should also leave your child at home when meeting with an employer or going to a job fair.

"Plan ahead. If you can get a relative or a friend to watch your child, or there are even day cares that if you're looking for work, will watch your child for free, so you can research that as well. But definitely, I would not recommend bringing children,” said Hall.

If you missed the Greater Phoenix Career Expo, you can still get career advice from Goodwill’s more than 20 career centers, and they can help get you connected with the jobs up for grabs.

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