The Beautiful Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

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The Beautiful Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil
by:  Rachel Harris,

Look no further than your kitchen pantry to find a magical bottle of olive oil to treat beauty ailments from head to toe.  From dull hair to dry brittle nails to rough heels, a good olive oil is the remedy.  But first let's discuss the right kind to buy and then how to use it from head to toe for your beauty routine.

What To Buy
Make sure you purchase an olive oil that says “extra virgin."  My mother taught me that this particular verbiage is important because other brands may advertise that the oil is “pure” or “light” oil, which means that these brands have probably undergone chemical refinement which strips away the olive flavors and many of the oil’s health benefits.  
A good local brand is the Queen Creek Olive Mill line, but the line is only sold at their local stores or online at  I also use and like the Imported Spectrum brand that is Organic Extra Virgin.  This brand tastes good and is USDA organic and NON GMO certified as well.  It is also labeled first cold pressed and that means that the olives were pressed on the first round of extraction and the cold refers to the olives being kept no higher than 81.9 °F.  This method indicates that no heat or chemical additives were used to extract the oil from the olives, which can alter and destroy the flavors and aromas of the olive oil. Without adding heat to the processing, the olive oil also retains its full nutritional value.

Olive Oil for Hair
For a wonderful hair mask, make this olive oil recipe for your mane....
*Combine one egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and a dash of lemon juice.  Leave on your hair for 15 minutes and then shampoo and condition as usual.  This mask will leave your hair shiny and soft.

Luscious Lips with Olive Oil
So simple.  Simply dab a bit of olive oil on your lips to soothe a chapped kisser. You can also moisturize your lips at night by applying a thin layer of olive oil before you go to sleep. 

Olive Oil To Remove Makeup
I hadn't heard of this one until I did my research and I love it.  Simply dab a little olive oil on a cotton swab and your makeup comes right off.  Follow up with your nightly cleanser to wash your face before bed.

Anti-aging Eye Treatment
I had never heard of this until I did the research for this segment and I am intrigued by this remedy for applying olive oil under and around the eyes to moisturize and to lessen the appearance of wrinkles.  I will definitely be trying this out!

For Nails
Warm up a little olive oil in a bowl and soak your nails in the liquid for 5 to 10 minutes to get stronger nails.

For Good Shave
Skip the shaving cream and simply rub or spray a little olive oil on your legs before you shave.  Since olive oil is a natural lubricant, this treatment will help curtail razor burn and bumps.
Dry Heel Repair
Before bed, exfoliate your heels with a pumice stone and then apply olive oil and cover feet with socks.  Go to sleep and wake up with silky smooth heels.

My Favorite Olive Oil Salad Dressing
In addition to putting olive oil on the body for beauty and good health, make sure you put some in your body as well.  I regularly make myself and my family a homemade salad dressing that is easy to make and tastes great.  Olives and olive oil are a good source of vitamin E, vitamins A and K, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and amino acids.  So I love making homemade salad dressing for my family since I know they are getting the good nutrition from the dressing.  I simply add equal parts of olive oil to Trader Joe's White Balsamic Vinegar and a dash of salt and pepper and it comes out perfect every time.  So simple and so good for your body.

What are your favorite olive oil beauty remedies?  Share here in the comments section and look for more healthy beauty ideas in my blog at