New video shows ASU professor kick campus police officer

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

TEMPE, Ariz. -- The dashcam video of an Arizona State University professor's arrest went viral and ultimately cost a campus police officer his job.

Now, we're seeing a new and different angle of the struggle between Dr. Ersula Ore and Officer Stewart Ferrin.

Ore said the officer used excessive force. The new video shows she fought back.

The video shows Ferrin wrestling Ore to the ground after she refused to show him her ID.

"Are you serious? Are you [expletive] serious?" Ore says in the video.

The cellphone video was taken by a bystander who saw the whole arrest after Ferrin stopped Ore for jaywalking in Tempe last May.

The officers help Ore up, but then comes the part we didn't see on the dashcam video. Ore kicks the officer in the leg.

The witness tries to defend her, saying, "Hey, she's handcuffed. Get your hands off of her!"

Ore becomes even more upset when an officer goes through her bag.

"He just seized my [expletive] property!" Ore says in the video.

"My back is turned. I have no glasses on. I cannot see what he's doing," she later says.

Another officer tries to calm her down, but Ore had had enough.

"This is not a lawful [expletive] arrest," she tells the officers.

"It's not about a misunderstanding," she later says. "Excuse me for being a little distrustful."

Ferrin resigned Monday. If he hadn't, he was going to be fired for not just Ore's arrest but for a pattern of similar behavior.

Ore is suing the university for $2 million.


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