How to rekindle the romance

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- If you're worried you've lost the spark in your relationship and want to rekindle the romance, Sean Collinson, family law mediator and author of "Seven Keys to Love," has some advice.

Give focused attention
Make giving a few minutes of undivided attention to your better half part of your morning and evening routine. "You're messing up if you come home still talking business on your cellphone or absorbed in texts," Collinson said. "Shut it down in the driveway and come home ready to give your full attention to your partner. Make eye contact; hug."

Do one thing every day
Find at least one thing to do every day to make life easier and happier for your significant other. Start the day by asking yourself: What could I do to make him or her keep me for one more day? Pack her lunch and write a love note on the napkin. Take a chore off his honey-do list.

Go to bed together as often as possible
Intimacy does not happen if you and your honey are not on the same sleep schedule. "There's nothing on TV you can't DVR. Make sure you're in bed together as often as possible,"

Send "just because" gifts
"If you didn't give a 'just because' gift to the person you are in a relationship with at least three times last year, you need to up your game," Collinson said. He advises adding some mystery and fun back in your relationship, and the passion will follow.

Have an attitude of gratitude

"What you focus your attention on will become a bigger part of your life as a couple," he said. "Strive to live in gratitude for all that your spouse, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend gives to you."